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Emma by Jane - the big leap of faith

Emma by Jane - the big leap of faith

After 4 years in London, I was itching to try something new. I had spent 3 years commuting out of London to Reading for work and I was, to be frank, over it!

I starting imagining a life in Australia, Hong Kong or Singapore and spent a year applying for jobs and carrying out interviews, however nothing ever came of them.

Life was frustrating as I was ready to go and, once I make my mind up on something, I kind of obsess over it!

Then, the opportunity, which I never expected I would want or take, landed on my lap, a transfer back to Ireland with Primark. This was the complete other end of the spectrum from my plans of living it up on the other side of the world. But it excited me and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

I moved home in September 2015 and settled in better than I could have ever imagined, however something was nagging at my mind. The year before, I was on a work trip in India and came across this stunning jewellery that I had never seen before. I sat down with the owner and talked to him about business opportunities. At the time, I was still living in London and had no money to explore the opportunity further. I took their details and kept the card in my purse for over a year, continuously stalking their website.

Upon moving home in September 2015 I decided to save some money every month, as an order with the supplier would have a minimum qty and a minimum value. I had to buy 5 pieces of each style. That didn’t bother me, I wanted to jewellery so badly, even for myself, that I didn’t mind paying over the odds for it.

I placed my small order in January 2016 as I lay in bed one Sunday morning. It took me 5 minutes to press the ‘confirm order’ button as I was still deliberating with myself “Am I mad?”.

The pieces took 6 weeks to arrive. That same day I got my independence back and moved out from my parents house and into an apartment with a friend. On our first night we sat with a take away, bottle of Prosecco and plied the tin, which was holding the jewellery, open. The excitement was incredible, I was just dying to see how the pieces had turned out and if my big leap of faith had been worth it.

As I you are reading how I have evolved the brand, you can only guess that it was!

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