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Emma by Jane - quitting the full-time, dependable job for my dream

Emma by Jane - quitting the full-time, dependable job for my dream

My life was great working for Primark, I got to travel to so many places which I would never have gotten to travel to. These countries included China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, and India. We travelled to these countries as this is where a lot of clothing is made for High street stores. We would travel twice a year, for each of the seasons, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter to meet with our suppliers, designs the next seasons pieces and to tour the factories to gain a better understanding of how our products were made.

I always adored the travelling side, seeing new cultures and getting a few weeks to really get involved in designing.

However, after 5 years I found myself itching for a new life, the office side of the job no longer appealed to me, I felt claustrophobic in the office environment and no matter what changes I made I couldn’t sway the feeling.

And one day, I just stopped and said to myself “I’m done, I’m over working for someone else”.

By this point I had been working on the jewellery for almost a year and had secured exposure in 3 boutiques. It was still a big jump to make with not much of an income likely to come in for the first while. I had talked about starting my own business for so long but had never taken the leap, I think, what made this time so different was that I was mentally ready to move home and be broke.

Looking back on the last 10 months of life with Emma by Jane, it is only when you are actually ready to sacrifice the materialistic pieces in your life and your weekends, that I think you are able make the leap.

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