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At Emma by Jane we are always dreaming big, keeping creativity and ethics at the core of our brand philosophy. Our aim is to create little pieces of luxury that will take you from day to night. Our core emphasis is on high quality, limited edition design, detailed finishes and ethical production using natural and sustainable materials. We are a “slow fashion” Irish brand that creates timeless, quality pieces that our customers can love and will wear for years to come. From our studio to our supply chain to the people and businesses that we partner with, we will only work with those that share our strong sense of social responsibility and our deep respect for everyone who contributes to making our brand and products a reality.

Our Mission
Social Responsibility and Transparency


At Emma by Jane we take our commitment to social responsibility very seriously. We care deeply about every person involved in the supply chain of our designs. Before we started the Emma by Jane we spent months searching, talking to, vetting and visiting factories. We were looking for partners that shared our belief in sustainable production and the highest social standards for workers.

We believe that transparency is the way forward and wanted to find and, work closely with the best factories around the world, with the hope that we can share their stories with you, so that you, our customers have an insight into where their Emma by Jane pieces were made.

We have two partnering factories in Jaipur, India. Every piece in collection is handmade in these factories. Both factories work tirelessly with the India Government to ensure their workers are looked after and their factories are at the best standard possible.


We are extremely conscious of how the fashion industry can have such a negative impact on the environment. We are a brand that is working extremely hard to reduce our impact on the environment. Our boxes are bespoke and come from an Irish company and we use 100% recyclable and reusable materials. Our jewellery boxes were designed to be re-used and are perfect for keeping your jewellery safe when traveling.



We source the highest quality gemstones sourced from the best factories to create our timeless, everyday luxury pieces. They are designed to last and to be worn. We want to encourage our customers to move away from disposable fashion and invest in pieces you love. Whether it’s a low-cost item or an investment piece, if the quality is good and you love wearing a garment it will be worn for years. We believe that if you buy quality, you consume less.

Our engraving is also done in Kildare, Ireland as we believe in supporting local business and putting money back into our community, where possible, so others around us can grow too.