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What is Filled Gold

Filled Gold bridges the gap between plated gold & solid gold. 
Have you ever had a reaction to your earrings? That tends to mean you are allergic to nickel. There is no nickel in filled gold, we are very proud to say, we have never had a customer return to us because of a reaction, instead we have customers telling us, they finally found a brand they can wear.
Filled gold is also dipped for a lot longer, this makes it a lot more durable. A lot of our customers would still wear their pieces 3 years after purchasing. It is not solid gold so it should not be worn in water or sprayed with perfume (you will receive a care card with your order)
Our focus at Emma by Jane is to create long lasting pieces that you will wear. With every order you will also receive a velvet pouch to keep your piece safe and clean when you are not wearing it. 

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