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Jane Asple is the founder and designer behind Emma by Jane. A driven entrepreneur with a passion and fire to create stand out pieces for our ever growing customer base.

Jane began her career as a Buyer for a world renowned High Street retailer but always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to do it her own way.
In 2016 she began researching her dream, putting the ground work of design, supply and planning together. When a friend opened a boutique, she asked Jane to supply the jewellery. Suddenly, Jane's dream was becoming a reality.

The brand began to grow and Jane decided, if she ever wanted to make it as big as her dreams, it was time to take the leap and leave her successful Buying job.
Building the brand bit by bit Jane knew, if she didn't work on the brand full time it would never reach its’ full potential. On Friday the 13th of January 2017, Jane walked out of her full-time job, “a lucky date”, as Jane likes to call it.

“When designing a collection, our goal is to create effortless pieces that will take you from day to night”. Jane’s thoughtful and creative designs inspires you with the opportunity to create and express your own personal style, which Jane thinks; “is the most important part of it all”.

Friendship is in the name. Emma is Jane's best friend. When they lived together in London, they did as all girls do, shared everything. When Emma arrived fully dressed with accessories from Jane's wardrobe, a comment was made "it's like your styled by Jane, it's like, Emma by Jane”.

And so, the Emma by Jane brand was born.
To Jane, fashion is about friendship "when we buy something we tell our friends or ask for their opinion. Fashion is so prominent in our daily conversations and Emma has been so important to me that it was only fitting the name remained”.





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