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Care Information

What Is Your Jewellery Made From &  How Can You Look After It

Your jewellery is designed in Ireland by Jane, the Founder and Creative Director behind Emma by Jane. Each piece begins as a small idea, with Jane dreaming of what the piece would be worn with, she the begins to build on her piece with different dimensions, such as mixing gemstones or adding a design to the band of a ring to make it more unique. As Jane is an lover of style and how to put outfits together, a lot of the time, her inspiration comes when she is styling an outfit for herself and how a certain style of jewellery would complete her outfit. 

We have partnered with our expert suppliers in Jaipur, India, who helps us to source the natural gemstones and then handcraft all of our jewellery, especially for you. 

We have chosen India, as they are the most skilled and knowledgeable in the industry and they guide us in our designs, making sure our earrings are lightweight, our rings are comfortable and 

The durability of dipped jewellery is based on the number of microns used in the dipping process. We use 0.25 micron plating in all of our jewellery.

When looking after your jewellery we recommend that you, remove your jewellery before doing any physical activity as sweat can impact it’s durability, remove if you are taking a shower, washing your hands or applying any creams and lotions. 

The boxes that you receive with your order were designed so that you could use them to store your jewellery and they are the perfect size, that you can take them on your holiday with you (even if you are flying Ryanair!).

You can also store your jewellery in a sealed plastic bag and this will help keep them beautiful for a longer.


How to Clean You Jewellery

 To clean your jewellery, mix a very small amount of lemon juice, baking powder and and water. With a toothbrush and this mix, gently rub  your jewellery. Ensure you do not let this mixture touch any of the gemstones on your piece.

If your piece do not have any gemstones, you can use a brass cleaner followed by a jewellery polishing cloth to  make it shine.